is our concept.

we ensure that your specific application works in top quality and is celebrated in return, because grüne tinte® preserves resources.

the situation.

you are concerned about labelling your inks or ingredients due to critical substances.

you care about the health of your employees and customers.

the smell in the production hall bothers you. the stench of your product chases away your customers.

consumption of energy and resources is suboptimal.

discontinuation of products and frequent delivery bottlenecks are not a good sign.

your customers increasingly expect sutainably produced goods.

they want to take on this responsibility.

and now ask themselves: how can I do that?

how can I make my products and processes sustainable?

which raw materials or concepts are suitable?

and who can advise me in partnership from the beginning?


we can. because our conviction has always led us to act this way.

we know how innovative sustainable is

the advantages.

sustainable, harmless

all of our inks and pigment preparations are water-based, not classified and work completely without uv-curing. we push the use of renewable resources and harmles ingredients, and use substitutes wherever possible.

we substitute

that's how we begin. we check all ingredients regularly to replace them with less harmless ones. on no account will we use cmr substances or toxic materials. we assess all ingredients in-house regarding their impact on the environment and people and change, if possible, to renewable resources.

renewable raw materials

that is the next step. we check the usability of available natural materials and also process many natural substances into industrial grade ingredients ourselves. we place great value on reliable provision and reproducible processing.

balanced. sustainable

the use of raw materials "at any price" is out of the question for us. Because sustainability stands for a balanced consideration of ecological, social and economic aspects. we also have an eye on recyclability and recycling systems. and so our inks for cardboard are de-inkable.

efficient use of material and resources

even during the development of our products we not only assess the use of material and energy resources in manufacturing, but also consider the entire process from processing to application on the substrate. we continuously improve our inks and pigment preparations by making the processes simple and keeping energy consumption low or by considering recycling systems and the summary of functional properties in product development.

creative. experienced. reliable

our approaches to solutions include being creative and having a highly motivated, competent and experienced team. we formulate and develop our products ourselves and are well connected for things we cannot do ourselves. we advise and accompany you to your goal. our decision making processes are short, our response times are fast. this means we can offer you a solution quickly.

GrüneTinte®. our product family for sustainable inks and pigment preparations

the features.

good for your customers and employees
- no uv curing
- no unpleasant odour
- no harmful ingrediants
- no primer required

renewable raw materials
- optimised natural colours
- natural resin
- additives

GrüneTinte is customizable for your
- applications
- printing-systems
- applicators
- substrates

responsibly sustainable
- no competition with food
- no child labour
- fair conditions

usable on
- digital printing
- industrial inkjet
- touching colour application
- special applications

count on sustainability now!

direct contact

it's us.

prometho GmbH. the creative team with the developer gene surrounding Ruth and Jens-Christoph Hoffmann. we specialise in the development of sustainable inks, printing inks, pigment preparations and coatings. We have been doing this for almost 20 years. with passion. because we love to rise to the challenge. to find and formulate application-oriented solutions for our customers. so that their products in turn make their customers happy.

our sustainable inks and pigment preparations are water-based ink systems without mineral oil or photo initiators. thanks to the modular system, the inks can be precisely adjusted for the specific application, and not only for digital printing and inkjet applications.

let's talk.

someone recently asked us in amazement: "can developers be inspired?" our simple answer is: yes. that is our work.

take a shortcut.

let's talk about sustainability in your application

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